Structure of Strom života

General assembly

The General assembly of SŽ is the highest body of SŽ whose delegates are members of Strom života. GA of SŽ takes place every year and is called up by the Council of SŽ or by the Control committee. The GA of SŽ decides mostly about:

  • Creation or merger with other NGOs or about the abolition of the organization
  • Approves statutes and programs of SŽ
  • Approves Annual reports and the plan for upcoming activities for a particular period
  • Elects or dismisses the members of the Council of SŽ and the members of the Control committee for the election period of two years

All the materials for the GA are prepared by the Council of SŽ or by the Chair of the Council of SŽ. 

The Council of SŽ 

Council of SŽ is the highest executive body and holds meetings between the GA and SŽ. The Council of SŽ is elected by the GA and comprises the Chair of the Council of SŽ and four other members. The Chair of the Council of SŽ is also the statutory representative of the organization.

The current members of the Council of SŽ are:

  • Ing. Jozef Kahan PhD. (Chair of the Council of SŽ)
  • Mgr. Stanislava Blahová
  • Mgr. Adriana Kováčová
  • RNDr. Iveta Palúchová
  • Mgr. Richard Weber

During its work, the Council of SŽ follows the negotiation plan that gives the members of SŽ a possibility to contribute to leading the organization. This possibility is called the negotiation process and follows this course of action:

  • The members of SŽ lay their contribution proposal to the Chair of the SŽ
  • The Chair of the Council of SŽ decides whether to place the proposal into the public or closed negotiation session
  • The material will be made available for other members of SŽ on the website of SŽ
  • The members can then suggest changes in the proposal
  • The suggestions for changes have to be sent in the form of a Proposal letter
  • At the end of the process the material is submitted to the Council of SŽ which will then approve or decline it.

Another possibility of how to participate in leading the organization is to become a member of Consulting committees. These committees are run by each member of the Council of SŽ and their role is to listen to the creative ideas the members want to contribute.

Clubs of SŽ

Since the GA in 2006, all of the smaller segments of the organization are called “Clubs of SŽ“. All of the Clubs have to comply with the following four requirements:

  • The Club has to have at least three members out of which one is more than 18 years old
  • The Club has to have a Leader that is more than 18 years old
  • Register the Club at the Office of SŽ
  • Pay the membership fee for the actual year

The Clubs that are led by a Leader (mostly a teacher) work mostly with the Programs of Environmental education and the Programs of Cultural heritage.

The Leaders of Clubs (teachers) are taking part in seminars that are organized by SŽ and together with children they take part in competitions and organize activities like excursions or tours.

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