Education Programs and Leisure Time Activities of Strom života

Sona VincikovaPeople are like satellites. We circulate around those who shine on us with the rays of wisdom and humanity. Then a state comes where we get enough energy as a result of synergic relationships. Suddenly we start to emit our own light. And this is a quantum leap in our consciousness. We become Sun ourselves.
In the light we emit to our surroundings the energy of those that helped us to grow is accumulated. All of this is encrypted in our genes – to be a satellite for a moment and then turn into a Sun.
Soňa Vincíková


Our programs are divided into two sub sections – Environmental education programs for elementary and high schools and Special education programs for university students and the general public:

programy pre deti mladez_a_verejnost
Environmental education programs for children and youth at elementary schools associated with environmental competition. Workshops, seminars and training for university students and the general public are currently aimed at alternative construction materials and reconstruction works on Slovak castles.
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