About us

logo stromIn a world connected like never before, every action towards the preservation of quality of human life exceeds the individual with its meaning. From the rainforest through coral reefs all the way to human society we are absolutely intertwined in a wonderful network of dependencies. Cooperation has created this unbelievably complex ecosystem that provides for us and gives us joy. We call this system the Earth. It is time to reinvent solidarity and compassion. Competition relates only immature species. That is the reason why it´s time for us to grow up.

Ervin Lászlo

    Organization Description

Strom života (Tree of Life) is an environmental apolitical non-profit organization based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Strom života was established in 1979 stemming from the first youth nature conservation movement in the country.

Strom života offers programs of environmental education for elementary schools. These programs cover the topics of air pollution, biodiversity, global warming, energy consumption, cultural heritage etc.

In addition, Strom života creates programs focused on personal development of children and youth by nourishing their creativity, communication and presentation skills.



“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller



The vision of Strom života is to reveal and develop inner abilities and skills of people that will help them become sensible and active participants in the protection of their environment.


Strom života strives to create a world in which developing one’s potential will bring everyone joy and pleasure. In our organization we give space to a meaningful self-realization in creative work that is beneficial both to the society and to nature. The supporting idea behind this work is the respect for differences of each individual. Every member is free to have their own thoughts and opinions, but a need to work cooperatively to reach our goals is an underlying value spread throughout the whole organization.


In Strom života, we try to fulfill our vision with the following activities:

  • Year-round projects for elementary schools and general public
    These projects cover the fields of environmental education and cultural heritage, but there are also some projects aimed at the improvement of the education process. All these year-round projects are usually accompanied with fieldtrips to discover natural surroundings, or cultural monuments. All these activities are linked with talks, excursions and contests, etc…
  • Educational activities
    These activities are carried out in the form of professional training, lectures, excursions, seminars, and by providing information and references.
  • Weekend and holiday events (e.g. summer camps of Strom života)
    These events aim to help preserve cultural and natural monuments. By building up a relationship with nature we wish to bring up youths who are more aware and able to understand the importance of protecting the environment.
  • Publishing activities
    Strom života publishes various hardcover and softcover books, brochures, magazines, leaflets and other materials for professionals who work in the field of environmental education.
  • Volunteer and community work
  • Extracurricular activities
    These include creative workshops, eco-games, group work, sports and activities in the nature.
  • Other activities
    Strom života also carries out activities which help the organization with self-financing or with raising awareness about our activities among professionals and the general public.
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